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Thread: URL problems

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    URL problems

    hello all
    i am still pretty new to php and i need to extract a value from the url and not quit sure wich is the best rout to take or the most efective


    now i need to get the value of the userspage because it is the name of the table storing all of there inputed info on there page

    any help is welcome or if i need to give more info on my question let me know

    btw how do i marke the thread resoleved?? i have another post that i figured out and i need to do that
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    you'll probably want to do this:

    for example, your page is index.php
    and your link would be www.awebsite.com/index.php?page=x (where 'x' is whatever you want, a number or a string, that would be your table name)

    this table name is accessible through:
    PHP Code:
    $page $_GET['page']; 

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    Not sure if this is what you're looking for:
    PHP Code:
    $thisFileName basename(__FILE__); // 2 underscores on each side of FILE 
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