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Thread: How do I convert my huge excel database to inividual web pages

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    Red face How do I convert my huge excel database to individual web pages

    I am the owner of a small web site called http://4anypart.com. I have a database that is sent to me once or twice a year that contains approximately 72,000 part numbers for Porsche parts. The gentleman who sends me these lists has a terrible website and make about $100 per minute all day long. I'm an SEO guy who makes my items appear #1 in Google, Yahoo, Cnet etc. (Try it type used Tricept in your favorite search engine and I should come up #1). I have been overwlmed with trying to list these Porsche parts because I know that by the time i list them all the excel databse will arrive with all new prices and I will be selling things for less than I am bying them for. I am struggling just to make my bills right now so really expensive cures for my problems are just not an option. I am not a programmer but with 2 MCSE certificates from Microsoft I am at least computer literate. Since Hurricane Wilma turned my uninsured house into a pile of sticks I am just a dreamer in a trailer, with the best opportunity I have seen in while just sitting here still on the plate. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pc_doc2001
    I am not a programmer but with 2 MCSE certificates from Microsoft I am at least computer literate.
    Can you open the database with Excell and save it as a web page and then alter the result to get what you want?

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    Does that tigershark server have some kind of back side languages available? If not then you'll have to export the data from excel in some kind of nice flat form like tab-separated-values and write a little program to turn that into some number of static pages. Tedious but not hard.
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