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Thread: What is the css code for width height of web page parameters?

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    What is the css code for width height of web page parameters?

    Hi, searched google with correct keywords and nothing comes up. What is the css code and example numeric value please for setting web page width and height? I will insert my own numeric value where you place your example numeric value. Thanks! Ri.

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    One way would be body, html {width:600px; height:500px; } but the more common approach is to put a wrapper div just inside the body tags and set that div size and positioning accordingly.
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    Thanks Ray, I inserted the code exactly how you gave it above on a css blank web page and when I used preview to see how the web page looks it is showing the code. Is this code correct because it isn't making it invisible. Ri.

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    The code has to go within <style type="text/css">...</style> tags within the <head> section of your document (or within an external stylesheet linked to by your page).
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