I'm building my own website and I've been given a few instructions already on downloadable files on how to upload a zip file to my page so visitors can download. Here are a couple of examples:

Zip your file
upload your zipped file to your public_html using FTP.
Create the following hyperlink on your website www.yourdomain.com/yourfile.zip
the download proccess will start when you click that hyperlink

Zip it up, upload it to your site, and
insert a hyperlink to the *.zip file.
Since browsers don't know what to do with
zip files, they default to downloading.

Now, I've already have it zipped and named using WinZip. I've uploaded into my public_html using FTP into a subdir called "zipfiles". I imagine you place the hyperlink on the particular page you want visitors to download from.

My zip file is named "free_report.zip". I wanted to include on the page something like "click here to download your free report" and make it a hyperlink to the zip file.

Does the page has to be moved into the "zipfiles" subdir in order for it to work. I've tried it and I just keep getting a page not found after publishing my pages.

If someone could just break it down into finer steps, I really would appreciate it.