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Thread: Completely new to this - order form on website?

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    Question Completely new to this - order form on website?


    I am totally new to all this and have no idea what I'm doing really.

    I've created a website on lycos and am looking to put an order form page on, or a link to an order form page, so people can order my products.

    However, I have no idea at all how to do this.

    Can anyone walk me through it?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance


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    Lycos is a free host and therefore doesn't have many bells and whistles. As far as I know it doesn't support any server-side languages, so it's simply not possible to create an order form with them.

    I've moved this thread into the general forum, since an order form relies on a number of different languages, but JavaScript will enter into it very little, if at all.
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    How are you processing the orders??

    You either need a third-party shopping cart
    A new hosting package that supports a server-side language...then of course you'd have to learn a server-side language (PHP, ASP, ColdFusion), or pay someone to create it, or find a script and learn how to implement it
    You can find a hosting company that includes an e-commerce system

    Your choice really depends on the knowledge you already have, the money you're willing to spend, and your willingness to learn

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