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    Our website got a facelift and a new logo http://www.templatestyle.com - your comments/suggestions are always appreciated.

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    In my experience there are 2 types of people asking for a sitereview.

    A) The people that are really interested in a honest opinion and are willing to hear and learn in what areas they can improve their site.

    B) The people that only want to get a pat on the shoulder and hear how good the site looks, and imediately turn offensive and hostilel when you point out flaws.

    Since there is no way to tell if a person belongs to A or B in advance and since I'm tired of waisting my time with the 50% that belongs to cathergory B, could you please state if you consider yourself a member of A or B.
    If you are B you won't hear more from me but if you are A be prepared to have your source be ripped to shreads in public
    // Stefan Huszics

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    XYZZY - UK
    Well, lets state the obvious the site was designed for 800 x 600 display using propriety HTML and looks navigational enough for someone without visual disabilities.

    The content also seems reasonable and the layout appears to appeal to those with an artistic taste. On a sematic level it could do with improvement since the obvious drive for the site is commercialism, thus selling a service or product.

    However, as Stefan mentioned would you like an evaluation of your graphics expertise, or positive feedback informing you that the templates do not contain the robust HTML structure like correct DocType Declaration, etc.

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