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Thread: Quick and Simple Nesting Divs for Layout Question

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    Quick and Simple Nesting Divs for Layout Question

    Hello. Im getting good at usiing divs for layouts, I just have a quick question:

    When nesting a div within a div, should i alot for a pixel in my widths? say for instance i have a div that is 200px wide, then i want to nest a div inside that, should i make that width 198px?

    I assume that other things like setting margin and borders apply, im just wondering about general rules to follow, thanks

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    never heard that asked before...

    Great question, though!
    I would say that if the nested DIV had a border of say, 1px and margin:0;, then yes, it should be two pixels less-wide than the containing DIV (to allot for the left and the right and we assume here that the height is much less than the height of the container DIV).
    I have never encountered this occurance...it will be interesting to see what others have to add. I wonder though, -what if the nested div were wider than the container div BUT it was z-index:2 (one higher than container)? Then, would that not matter, or would it compromise the container div anyway?
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    As long as the inner div is unadorned it should fit with the same dimensions. We are talking about web browsers here and not IE, right?
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