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Thread: [RESOLVED] n00bie help w/ script.aculo.us

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    resolved [RESOLVED] n00bie help w/ script.aculo.us

    So... First of all, sorry for the n00bieness. I'm learning through hacking other people's codes, so I'm not very proud of my accomplishments so far. One day I'll get there.

    I'm building a blog using WP, you can see it here. I want to have the comments for each post on the index page itself, so I took the idea of a dropdown slider from here. My attempt of just reproducing what he had failed miserably.

    The error I'm getting is $(element.firstChild).getStyle is not a function. Is this because of the nested divs? Can you explain why it's not working right now (I want to learn with my mistakes)?


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    Shameless bump...

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