Hello Champs

I want to fetch external RSS feeds and display the items in an asp page - item by item - not the complete feed in once.
I then want to flag some of the items (20 per page max or editable amount of items) = "convert" the static text into fields where the field defualt value is the item content (Title, Link, description, category) for being able to modify some of the content or add additional categories.
By clicking button I want to insert the modified content into a SQL DB.

I do not have coding knowhow on that level but I am willing to pay someone who can create the needed pages and scripts for me.
The code must be commented and the pages should be as basic as possible so I can create my own design aorund it at a later time.

It must be SQL Server 2000 and ASP and XML used.

Any one?
It would be quite urgent and there is a good chance to make this a bigger engagement for an expereinced coder with patience to get briefed by a dummy