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Thread: how to compile aspx to dll

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    how to compile aspx to dll

    i am very new in asp.net program, i have a ready build program from asp.net by vendor but due to user requirement changed, i need to change some of the programming inside the file called aspx and also aspx.cs but after i change it when i run the system at the client seems do not have effect so i suspect the file aspx and aspx.cs need to be compile into dll. i found a file inside the bin folder as dll but i have no idea how and what to compile to get the dll. Due to if i go through the changes by vendor need some cost so if possible i would like to try it on my own. hope somebody could guide on this. thanks

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    mywoong this is the asp section and not the asp.net section.

    You will get better results in the .net forum.

    Any way just right click on your Solution in Solution Explorer and choose Build Solution.

    There are a couple of other ways in which you can do this as well. But this is how i usually do it.

    This will compile the project and create the new and updated .dll

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    Quote Originally Posted by lmf232s
    mywoong this is the asp section and not the asp.net section.

    You will get better results in the .net forum....l
    And so has been moved....
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    if you make changes to aspx or web.config, you won't need to compile.

    if you make changes to code-behind (i.e filename.aspx.cs) you will need to re-compile.

    Depends on how big of changes you are talking about, if its very small, just make the changes, and change the timestamp of the folder which contains your .NET application, IIS will auto re-compile for you.

    Otherwise, it maybe easier for you to bring the project up in VS.NET first, and re-compile from there.

    It is also possible to compile by hand:
    csc /t:library /r:System.dll /r:System.Web.dll Hello.cs

    /t:library indicates that you want to create a dll
    /r specifies any dependt assemblies

    the output dll <b>MUST</b> match your Page directive otherwise aspx won't be able to locate your code-behind files...

    if you are not sure what you are doing, I suggest you get VS.NET

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    the info is useful to me, thanks to all

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