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Thread: Stop a table expanding

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    Stop a table expanding

    I have a table with 2 cells, one 500 wide the other 100 wide.

    when i'm populating my cell (from a db) the text (a url) i'm inputting is very long and is causing my cell to expand to fit it (way off to the right, i have to scroll over)

    how can i stop it expanding over 500 and just force the text onto the next line?

    is it possible?

    Thanks Guys

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    I assume your output has no spaces between characters, there is some JavaScript that will cut your text but easy fix is to you multiline text field for the output

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    Is the point to have the URL visible or is it to have it clickable? If the former then put it in a sized div with overflow:auto. If the latter then just truncate the visible part, maybe appending "..." to indicate the truncation.
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    thank for the replies:

    i did some css to force the cells not to change.

    it was something like

    table-layout: fixed ;

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