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Thread: Can I get my domain back?

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    Can I get my domain back?

    IN 2002, I purchased a domain name.(I have documentation) I acquired a website, business cards, etc. ALL under this .com name. In 2003, it expired without my knowledge (I had changed email addresses) and someone snatched it. (They aren't using it, just put a high price tag on it.) I thought all was lost until I spoke with a godaddy rep today that says if I can prove the website was mine, I should be able to get it back without having to pay for it. Is this true? and if not, how should I go about getting it back? I realllly don't want to pay thousands of dollars for it. I looked at ICANN and all i see is attorneys that charge money to help you get it back. DOn't want to get into some long drawn-out deal. Any advice would be appreciated. thanks in advance. deli

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    I find it hard to believe that, after three years, you can just "get it back." Unless there is something we are missing, I don't think the rep. at godaddy's is correct. If so, that would put quite a few thousand domain names at risk.

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    get domain name back

    The godaddy rep explained to me that if I have documention to PROVE ownership of that domain name, that I could file a complaint (FREE) with ICANN and, in all likelihood, ICANN would make the new owner give it back....expecially since he is just 'sitting' on it and not using it. (It is for sale with a minimum price tag of $688.....you must agree to pay at least this much JUST to make an inquiry about the name with this 'hook-you' place) However, when I go to ICANN, I don't see anything free...they refer you to private attorneys who charge you for dispute resolution. ANy ideas?

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    If you didn't renew it then you don't own it any more.

    If you can show prior and existing use of the name and that the current owner is not using it then you may have a case for being able to buy it off of them for the regular price instead of whatever inflated price that they are asking. If ICANN just refer you to private attorneys then that is the only conflict resolution that they offer and it could cost you several thousand dollars even if you win the case.

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