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Thread: Java Games not playable

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    Java Games not playable

    Hi everyone,

    I am very new to web designing and need some very simple, straight forward help if possible.

    I am designing a web page for my 6 year old son. I have added some little games on his page, the two which in particular are giving me trougle are tic tac toe and concentration.

    I have a copy of these two games from The Java Script Source. I entered to games into my coding like they said, made sure that the pictures were included in the directory with the games, but when I view them in my browser, the pictures do not show up when I click on a square. I get a page error message at the bottom of my browser. Everything else looks great.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    If you have the page online can we have a link, or if not maybe some of the code?

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    I have been waiting to get these two games going before I upload today if possible. I tried comparing the code I received from them and the code on their site, but can't figure out what is different.



    Here is the code I received from them:


    1. Copy the coding into the HEAD of your HTML document
    2. Add the last code into the BODY of your HTML document -->

    <!-- STEP ONE: Paste this code into the HEAD of your HTML document -->


    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
    <!-- Original: Maximilian Stocker (maxstocker@reallyusefulcomputing.com) -->

    <!-- This script and many more are available free online at -->
    <!-- The JavaScript Source!! http://javascript.internet.com -->

    <!-- Begin
    var x = "http://www.your-web-site-address-here.com/images/x.jpg";
    // Location of where you uploaded your site's x.jpg image

    var o = "http://www.your-web-site-address-here.com/images/o.jpg";
    // Location of where you uploaded your site's o.jpg image

    var blank = "http://www.your-web-site-address-here.com/images/blank.jpg";
    // Location of where you uploaded your site's blank.jpg image

    var pause = 0;
    var all = 0;
    var a = 0;
    var b = 0;
    var c = 0;
    var d = 0;
    var e = 0;
    var f = 0;
    var g = 0;
    var h = 0;
    var i = 0;
    var temp="";
    var ok = 0;
    var cf = 0;
    var choice=9;
    var aRandomNumber = 0;
    var comp = 0;
    var t = 0;
    var wn = 0;
    var ls = 0;
    var ts = 0;
    function help() {
    alert("Welcome to Tic-Tac-Toe! You play as the X's and the computer is the O's. Select the
    square you want to put your X into by clicking them. You cannot occupy a square that is already
    occupied. The first player to get three squares in a row wins. Good Luck!!")
    function logicOne() {
    if ((a==1)&&(b==1)&&(c==1)) all=1;
    if ((a==1)&&(d==1)&&(g==1)) all=1;
    if ((a==1)&&(e==1)&&(i==1)) all=1;
    if ((b==1)&&(e==1)&&(h==1)) all=1;
    if ((d==1)&&(e==1)&&(f==1)) all=1;
    if ((g==1)&&(h==1)&&(i==1)) all=1;
    if ((c==1)&&(f==1)&&(i==1)) all=1;
    if ((g==1)&&(e==1)&&(c==1)) all=1;
    if ((a==2)&&(b==2)&&(c==2)) all=2;
    if ((a==2)&&(d==2)&&(g==2)) all=2;
    if ((a==2)&&(e==2)&&(i==2)) all=2;
    if ((b==2)&&(e==2)&&(h==2)) all=2;
    if ((d==2)&&(e==2)&&(f==2)) all=2;
    if ((g==2)&&(h==2)&&(i==2)) all=2;
    if ((c==2)&&(f==2)&&(i==2)) all=2;
    if ((g==2)&&(e==2)&&(c==2)) all=2;
    if ((a != 0)&&(b != 0)&&(c != 0)&&(d != 0)&&(e != 0)&&(f != 0)&&(g != 0)&&(h != 0)&&(i !=
    0)&&(all == 0)) all = 3;
    function logicTwo() {
    if ((a==2)&&(b==2)&&(c== 0)&&(temp=="")) temp="C";
    if ((a==2)&&(b== 0)&&(c==2)&&(temp=="")) temp="B";
    if ((a== 0)&&(b==2)&&(c==2)&&(temp=="")) temp="A";
    if ((a==2)&&(d==2)&&(g== 0)&&(temp=="")) temp="G";
    if ((a==2)&&(d== 0)&&(g==2)&&(temp=="")) temp="D";
    if ((a== 0)&&(d==2)&&(g==2)&&(temp=="")) temp="A";
    if ((a==2)&&(e==2)&&(i== 0)&&(temp=="")) temp="I";
    if ((a==2)&&(e== 0)&&(i==2)&&(temp=="")) temp="E";
    if ((a== 0)&&(e==2)&&(i==2)&&(temp=="")) temp="A";
    if ((b==2)&&(e==2)&&(h== 0)&&(temp=="")) temp="H";
    if ((b==2)&&(e== 0)&&(h==2)&&(temp=="")) temp="E";
    if ((b== 0)&&(e==2)&&(h==2)&&(temp=="")) temp="B";
    if ((d==2)&&(e==2)&&(f== 0)&&(temp=="")) temp="F";
    if ((d==2)&&(e== 0)&&(f==2)&&(temp=="")) temp="E";
    if ((d== 0)&&(e==2)&&(f==2)&&(temp=="")) temp="D";
    if ((g==2)&&(h==2)&&(i== 0)&&(temp=="")) temp="I";
    if ((g==2)&&(h== 0)&&(i==2)&&(temp=="")) temp="H";
    if ((g== 0)&&(h==2)&&(i==2)&&(temp=="")) temp="G";
    if ((c==2)&&(f==2)&&(i== 0)&&(temp=="")) temp="I";
    if ((c==2)&&(f== 0)&&(i==2)&&(temp=="")) temp="F";
    if ((c== 0)&&(f==2)&&(i==2)&&(temp=="")) temp="C";
    if ((g==2)&&(e==2)&&(c== 0)&&(temp=="")) temp="C";
    if ((g==2)&&(e== 0)&&(c==2)&&(temp=="")) temp="E";
    if ((g== 0)&&(e==2)&&(c==2)&&(temp=="")) temp="G";
    function logicThree() {
    if ((a==1)&&(b==1)&&(c==0)&&(temp=="")) temp="C";
    if ((a==1)&&(b==0)&&(c==1)&&(temp=="")) temp="B";
    if ((a==0)&&(b==1)&&(c==1)&&(temp=="")) temp="A";
    if ((a==1)&&(d==1)&&(g==0)&&(temp=="")) temp="G";
    if ((a==1)&&(d==0)&&(g==1)&&(temp=="")) temp="D";
    if ((a==0)&&(d==1)&&(g==1)&&(temp=="")) temp="A";
    if ((a==1)&&(e==1)&&(i==0)&&(temp=="")) temp="I";
    if ((a==1)&&(e==0)&&(i==1)&&(temp=="")) temp="E";
    if ((a==0)&&(e==1)&&(i==1)&&(temp=="")) temp="A";
    if ((b==1)&&(e==1)&&(h==0)&&(temp=="")) temp="H";
    if ((b==1)&&(e==0)&&(h==1)&&(temp=="")) temp="E";
    if ((b==0)&&(e==1)&&(h==1)&&(temp=="")) temp="B";
    if ((d==1)&&(e==1)&&(f==0)&&(temp=="")) temp="F";
    if ((d==1)&&(e==0)&&(f==1)&&(temp=="")) temp="E";
    if ((d==0)&&(e==1)&&(f==1)&&(temp=="")) temp="D";
    if ((g==1)&&(h==1)&&(i==0)&&(temp=="")) temp="I";
    if ((g==1)&&(h==0)&&(i==1)&&(temp=="")) temp="H";
    if ((g==0)&&(h==1)&&(i==1)&&(temp=="")) temp="G";
    if ((c==1)&&(f==1)&&(i==0)&&(temp=="")) temp="I";
    if ((c==1)&&(f==0)&&(i==1)&&(temp=="")) temp="F";
    if ((c==0)&&(f==1)&&(i==1)&&(temp=="")) temp="C";
    if ((g==1)&&(e==1)&&(c==0)&&(temp=="")) temp="C";
    if ((g==1)&&(e==0)&&(c==1)&&(temp=="")) temp="E";
    if ((g==0)&&(e==1)&&(c==1)&&(temp=="")) temp="G";
    function clearOut() {
    function checkSpace() {
    if ((temp=="A")&&(a==0)) {
    if (cf==0) a=1;
    if (cf==1) a=2;
    if ((temp=="B")&&(b==0)) {
    if (cf==0) b=1;
    if (cf==1) b=2;
    if ((temp=="C")&&(c==0)) {
    if (cf==0) c=1;
    if (cf==1) c=2;
    if ((temp=="D")&&(d==0)) {
    if (cf==0) d=1;
    if (cf==1) d=2;
    if ((temp=="E")&&(e==0)) {
    if (cf==0) e=1;
    if (cf==1) e=2;
    if ((temp=="F")&&(f==0)) {
    if (cf==0) f=1;
    if (cf==1) f=2;
    if ((temp=="G")&&(g==0)) {
    if (cf==0) g=1;
    if (cf==1) g=2;
    if ((temp=="H")&&(h==0)) {
    if (cf==0) h=1;
    if (cf==1) h=2;
    if ((temp=="I")&&(i==0)) {
    if (cf==0) i=1;
    if (cf==1) i=2;
    function yourChoice(chName) {
    pause = 0;
    if (all!=0) ended();
    if (all==0) {
    cf = 0;
    ok = 0;
    if (ok==1) {
    document.images[chName].src = x;
    if (ok==0)taken();
    if ((all==0)&&(pause==0)) myChoice();
    function taken() {
    alert("That square is already occupied. Please select another square.")
    function myChoice() {
    ok = 0;
    while(ok==0) {
    if (comp==1) temp="A";
    if (comp==2) temp="B";
    if (comp==3) temp="C";
    if (comp==4) temp="D";
    if (comp==5) temp="E";
    if (comp==6) temp="F";
    if (comp==7) temp="G";
    if (comp==8) temp="H";
    if (comp==9) temp="I";
    document.images[temp].src= o;
    function ended() {
    alert("The game has already ended. To play a new game click the Play Again button.")
    function process() {
    if (all==1){ alert("You won, congratulations!"); wn++; }
    if (all==2){ alert("Gotcha! I win!"); ls++; }
    if (all==3){ alert("We tied."); ts++; }
    if (all!=0) {
    document.game.you.value = wn;
    document.game.computer.value = ls;
    document.game.ties.value = ts;
    function playAgain() {
    if (all==0) {
    if(confirm("This will restart the game and clear all the current scores. OK?")) reset();
    if (all>0) reset();
    function reset() {
    all = 0;
    a = 0;
    b = 0;
    c = 0;
    d = 0;
    e = 0;
    f = 0;
    g = 0;
    h = 0;
    i = 0;
    ok = 0;
    cf = 0;
    aRandomNumber = 0;
    comp = 0;
    document.images.A.src= blank;
    document.images.B.src= blank;
    document.images.C.src= blank;
    document.images.D.src= blank;
    document.images.E.src= blank;
    document.images.F.src= blank;
    document.images.G.src= blank;
    document.images.H.src= blank;
    document.images.I.src= blank;
    if (t==0) { t=2; myChoice(); }
    // End -->

    <!-- STEP TWO: Copy this code into the BODY of your HTML document -->


    <form name=game>
    <table border=0>
    <table border=1>
    <td><a href="javascript:yourChoice('A')"><img src="blank.jpg" border=0 height=100 width=100
    name=A alt="Top-Left"></a></td>
    <td><a href="javascript:yourChoice('B')"><img src="blank.jpg" border=0 height=100 width=100
    name=B alt="Top-Center"></a></td>
    <td><a href="javascript:yourChoice('C')"><img src="blank.jpg" border=0 height=100 width=100
    name=C alt="Top-Right"></a></td>
    <td><a href="javascript:yourChoice('D')"><img src="blank.jpg" border=0 height=100 width=100
    name=D alt="Middle-Left"></a></td>
    <td><a href="javascript:yourChoice('E')"><img src="blank.jpg" border=0 height=100 width=100
    name=E alt="Middle-Center"></a></td>
    <td><a href="javascript:yourChoice('F')"><img src="blank.jpg" border=0 height=100 width=100
    name=F alt="Middle-Right"></a></td>
    <td><a href="javascript:yourChoice('G')"><img src="blank.jpg" border=0 height=100 width=100
    name=G alt="Bottom-Left"></a></td>
    <td><a href="javascript:yourChoice('H')"><img src="blank.jpg" border=0 height=100 width=100
    name=H alt="Bottom-Center"></a></td>
    <td><a href="javascript:yourChoice('I')"><img src="blank.jpg" border=0 height=100 width=100
    name=I alt="Bottom-Right"></a></td>
    <tr><td><input type=text size=5 name=you></td><td>You</td></tr>
    <tr><td><input type=text size=5 name=computer></td><td>Computer</td></tr>
    <tr><td><input type=text size=5 name=ties></td><td>Ties</td></tr>
    <input type=button value="Play Again" onClick="playAgain();">

    <input type=button value="Game Help" onClick="help();">

    <font face="arial, helvetica" size="-2">Free JavaScripts provided<br>
    by <a href="http://javascriptsource.com">The JavaScript Source</a></font>

    <!-- Script Size: 9.05 KB -->oad everything, hopefully today

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