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Thread: need help with session varibles

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    need help with session varibles

    I need a little help with session variables.

    Okay, say I have index.php
    In this index, I have a login form.
    The client enters their username and password, and login.php page verifys the data, by comparing with a mysql table
    If correct, login.php will create a session variable, and forward the client to home.php
    home.php will automatically check if the user is logged in, and, if they are, show the data, else forward back to login.php

    I need to know how to make login.php make the session varible and how to make home.php check to see if the user is logged in (using the session variable)

    Finally, the data on home.php depends on the username, so I need to know how to carry-over the username, within the session variable

    Thanks a bunch!

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    Are you wanting to use cookies, specially formatted URLs (e.g. acccessibity stuff at http://members.lycos.co.uk/index1.php
    or IP and info logging with a back end database (not recommended). The easiest to use is cookies, the most accessible is special URLs.

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