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    .wav help

    I was thinking of putting a sound in the background of my page but it seems to take too long to load. My wav file is 14 sec and 1.21 mb in size. is there a way to condense this or a way to change ext so that it wont be so large?


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    Originally posted by Dave Clark
    It takes special software to convert one audio format to another.
    You can change a WAV compression in the RECORDER accessory that comes with Windows.
    and they can't be compressed.
    You can change to a compressed format using the accessory mentioned above. When you select the 8-bit mono format at 8khz rate, you get G.711 (mu-law) compression. A 64k file will run for 8 seconds. So, the 14 second WAV would take 115k. Of course it won't sound quite as good as it used to...

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    Originally posted by Dave Clark
    To me, that is not truly a compression. True compression should be accompanied by the ability to expand the data to the original format without loss of quality.

    Dave [/B]

    MP3 throws out 80% or more of the original data that you will NEVER get back.
    Likewise JPG images are also discarding information that you cannot later get back.

    Are you saying you don't consider JPG to be an image compressing format and that you are confused about how MP3 works?
    // Stefan Huszics

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    XYZZY - UK
    I'd define web compression as the running of a data set through an algorithm that reduces; the space required to store, or the bandwidth required to transmit the data set.

    Obviously the two common forms of image compression are Lossless and Lossy.
    Last edited by Robert Wellock; 12-16-2002 at 12:42 PM.

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    Since listening to some of you guys comments is like trying to understand opera written in greek, I'll just say this...

    You guys all have offered much to my ponder and I appreciate your time. You guys are ALL great! I'd be lost at times without you. I did change/compress the file a bit in windows recorder and it cut it all the way down to 100K which is tolerable, especially with this command:

    <EMBED autostart="False" SRC="Myfile.wav">

    Worked great and I learned something. That's the ultimate goal anyway right... success and learning.

    You guys take care and thanks for all the help!


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    Originally posted by Dave Clark
    merely reducing the effective sampling rate ... resulting in a loss of quality?
    FWIW, when you change a WAV file to 8-bit, it *does* compress the file from 16-bit linear to 8-bit PCM. The uncompression is done by a CODEC on playback. You could take that same file and uncompress it using Sound Recorder, but you would not have the same answer as the original - you would have distortion. In fact, you have distortion comparing the playback of the original file and the compressed file. Loss of information = loss of playback quality. It just depends on how much you can stand.

    How many people would record "White Christmas" from an old 78 RPM record and put it on the web in 44khz 16-bit stereo (probably a lot - they wouldn't know the difference)? :-)

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    Originally posted by Dave Clark
    Gilbert, what is that?
    From Webopedia.com:
    CODEC - Short for compressor/decompressor, a codec is any technology for compressing and decompressing data. Codecs can be implemented in software, hardware, or a combination of both.
    In Windows, you can see examples of software CODECs listed under Control Panel/Multimedia/Devices/Audio Compression Codecs and Video Compression Codecs. There are a lot of algorithms, especially for speech compression. They are important for things like Net2Phone, NetMeeting, Video Conferencing and so forth, when it is important to limit digital bandwidth.

    I don't know how much more you want (or care) to know. I've been working with digital audio for several years, mostly with ISDN and T1 links.

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    Originally posted by Dave Clark why can't you butt out of other people's conversations?
    Becuse this is an open webforum not a private conversation and you manage to time after time state things that are incorrect.

    I also point out when I see other people being incorrect, you just happen to fall into that cathegory above the average poster.
    // Stefan Huszics

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    I have a few questions related to Internet music, so I guess I'll ask them here rather than open a new topic:

    1) Is the ability of a music file to be played directly from a page rather than downloaded dependant on their file type, the way they are implemented w/ HTML, or both?

    2) If #1 is their file type, what file types will play directly from a page?

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    I have a .wav file that play beautifully when I click on it from explorer (not IE). When I include the following code in a table on a web page, it never plays when I click on the link. What in the world am I doint wrong?

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    Sorry, I left out the code. I just converted the .wav to a .mp3 and it doesn't play either.

    <td><center><A HREF="C:/My Download Files/PuerNatusEstNobis.mp3">Puer Natus Est Nobis</A></center></td>

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    XYZZY - UK
    You cannot stream a pure file MP3 directly from a web connection normally you have to use *.mpu to point to the *.mp3 if you want to stream *.mp3 format.

    QuickTime *.mov format - can be used for soundtracks as well - then that can be considered an example of a format which can be streamed while downloading, so you don't always have to configure the *.mov file into it's streamable state.

    Happy Christmas
    Last edited by Robert Wellock; 12-19-2002 at 02:59 PM.

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    Haven't gotten it to the web yet. Just doing it locally right now.

    As for .mp3 and .mpu, I have another page up on the web with a similar link to an .mp3 file that does just great. That's why don't seem to 'get it' with this. I was making up a Christmas card, planning to just mail the link out to everybody and on the page have a link for them to click to get the music or not. People at work don't want sudden Christmas carols playing loudly when they are supposed to be working ;>).

    Do I need to have the .html and the .mp3 in the same directory? That doesn't seem necessary when the whole path is in the statment.



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