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Thread: SQL INSERT statement error...

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    SQL INSERT statement error...

    This statement:
    'declare SQL statement that will query the database
    sSQL= "INSERT INTO CQCurrAssess (Fleet, DutyPosition, TrainingDate) VALUES ('" & Request.form("fleettype") &"', '" & Request.form("position") &"', '" & Request.form("trainingdate") & "')"

    Is generating this error:
    Error Type:
    Microsoft VBScript compilation (0x800A0401)
    Expected end of statement
    /flightcrew/hazcomm/CQTest.asp, line 14, column 779

    This is just an ASP file trying to write to a database. Appreciate the help if you can see where this is flawed.

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    Could it be that your SQL statement is whitin an if statement or a for loop or something?

    Because the sql statement seems to be fine to me

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