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Thread: Rusty ol' web developer returns

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    Rusty ol' web developer returns

    Hi all,
    I have some questions for you all, allow me to give you some background here.

    I had been a web developer in the past but got out of the business after the tech bubble burst in 2001. I still maintain my own site, and occasionally read up on new web dev stuff, but I really have been out of the loop professionally. Recently a company asked me to interview for a web position (strangely enough, I had applied for a different position). I would love to get back into the web business, but feel so rusty, I'm afraid I wouldn't be very efficient for a while. So I was going to start to study up ahead of time in case they do hire me. I used to build intranets and extranets for client companies so I am experienced in with HTML, ASP,VB, IIS, SQL, basic web graphics using PSP (I'm no artist). I also putt around with .NET, PHP, MySQL, C++, and Javascript. Most of my knowledge in these areas is still 2001ish.

    Question one:
    I want to know what are the important skill sets now? What is the stuff a dev just can't live without now and how strong in it do you have to be?

    Question two:
    I know I need to learn Photoshop and XML better. And for as much as I hate it, I need to learn Flash just so my resume wont get the round-file treatment. Most of the tutorials I have found on the web have been pretty bad (or in the case of XML, just too generic). So can you all recommend a good tutorial on these? Really, any and all good tutorials on web dev subjects you'd recommend would be appreciated. I am not above a good review of old material.

    Question three:
    I have to admit, I mainly worked with Windows based machines (as if my skill set doesn't already betray this). I don't really know the first thing about PERL. I know it was very important to know in the past, but I though PHP was supposed to usurp it. It still seems an important skill to have years later. Is this just because of working with legacy systems, or am I just clueless on what PERL does?

    ....and on a unrelated side note the webdeveloper.com forum title "Java (NOT JavaScript!)" is an absolute crack up!

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    One of the things you'll see everywhere is CSS, it made tables fossils, so I recomend you get couple books on css: "stylin' with CSS" by charles wyke and "the zen of css design" by dave shea.
    When it comes to starting new position it all depends on company setup what you need to know. Some may have windows based servers and some unix/linux.
    PERL is thing of past, haven't used it for at least 5 years now. As far as serverside I use ColdFusion mainly, I preferet over PHP, ASP.. and others.
    It looks like you have pretty good basics in programming and design so you should pick up different technologies pretty easy!

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    1. CSS, DOM, semantic HTML
    3. Mainly legacy maintenance but still can't be beat for Q&D CGI stuff like formmail or site maintenance utilities.
    "Debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in the first place. Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as possible, you are, by definition, not smart enough to debug it." Brian W. Kernighan

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    Doh! Sorry, yes I am proficient with CSS and XHTML as well, I just forgot to list it. But thanks for the info anyway. Like I said, I'm not above improving existing techniques.

    I have a little unix knowledge from about 10-15 years ago. And yes, I do need Linux experience. At the moment I have no way to build a secondary linux box to learn on and dual booting my system is not a option right now. This should change in a few months.

    Good to know PERL is the dinosaur I thought it was. One less thing to have stuff into my brain (of course I also remember laughing at the COBOL devs in college, until they started consulting on Y2K stuff at like $200 per hour).
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