Greetings to all the community,

I would hereby like to invite all of the webmasters around here to join PNASSOC.
PNASSOC ( The Publishers / Ad Networks association ) is an online environment where publishers and adnetworks can communicate in the meaning of creating new partnerships to benefit everyone.

The works of PNASSOC is relatively simple.
Once registered as a publisher you will get listed within our publishers list. If a media buyer from an ad network is interested in your website he / she will contact you propsosing a partnership.
Whether you accept it or not is your choice.

Basically... It's a win / win situation, where both ad networks and publishers win...
Publishers get their websites monetized and stop wasting time trying to find the ad network that fits their content / visitors geotargeting while ad networks win quality publishers to work with.

And the best of it is that it's completely free!

Find us at :