QC.addImage appAddImage = new QC.addImage(ver1.PageJPGPath.Substring(0,ver1.PageJPGPath.LastIndexOf("\\")), this.mtpPanel.PubDateID, ver1.PageNumber, this.mplPanel.CBOState.Text.ToString(), this.mplPanel.CBOCity.Text.ToString(), this.mplPanel.CBOTitle.Text.ToString(), this.mplPanel.CBOCountry.Text.ToString(), this.mdfData);
appAddImage.Visible = true;
// I need the program to break here and wait for a new responce from the new form
foreach (Page pageItem in appAddImage.getPage)
ver1.InsertThumbnailPanel(Convert.ToInt32(appAddImage.getPageNumber), pageItem);

Ok so I have these 4 line of code in my main application. I have written a new application that can be entered when hitting a menu item. The only problem I am having now is that the function will run the first 2 lines. Make the menu program become visable to the user and then the other 2 lines are run with no responce from the new menu and crashes the main program any ideas.