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Thread: One incredible nuisance; IE rendering issue

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    One incredible nuisance; IE rendering issue


    In IE 6 for Windows, you may notice that there is a gap before the content box in the content pages - this gap exists in the index page, too, but it is somewhat hidden (look between the top 3 boxes, near the top edge).

    I have worked on this for a while, and can't figure out what is going on. It is driving me insane.

    On a side note, yeah, I know the content pages use tables. The other web guy I worked with (who does content management) still uses them (that is how he was taught), and we'll be working on that soon once he gets some time.

    Any suggestions on a fix? I realize that the code may not be the prettiest in the world right now, but we had a number of rendering issues crop up. I just wish all browsers rendered the same - even if it is the wrong way, some consistency would be great right about now.

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    Can you be more specific about the problem? Besides the gap caused by two <br> tags, I don't see extra space.
    (I'm looking at the New Cars page, the gap being the top of the div to the New Cars table.)


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    That isn't what I'm referring to; between the header containing the logo, and the "mainbox" div, IE shows a gap - I don't have a Windows box to check it on right now, but IIRC, that is where the gap is. I'll check later today when I have access to a Wintel box and I'll let you know.

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