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    Question Using $_FILES

    I'm trying to allow the user to select a picture and attach it to the form which the sends the email.

    Eveything works execpt the attaching a picture part, and I'm sure it has to do with my $_FILES Command.

    picture is the name used for the input in my form.
    PHP Code:

    = ($_POST['do']);

    $do == "send")
    $recipient "abcd@xxx.com";
    $name = ($_POST['name']);
    $email = ($_POST['email']);
    $phone = ($_POST['phone']);
    $upload = ($_FILES['picture']);
    $message = ($_POST['message']);
    $body "Name: $name \r\n Email: $email \r\n Phone: $phone \r\n Description: $message \r\n $upload";
    $formsend mail("$recipient""-QUOTE-","$body""From: $email ($name)\r\nReply-to:$email");

        echo (
    "<p>Your quote was sent!</p>");
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    $_FILES['fieldname'] holds an array of details about a particular file (or files), not the file itself. Also even if it did contain the image file contents as a string you can't just include it inline in your email body.

    Check out the mime mail script on my site or do a search on sending mime mail. Also check out the sticky on uploading images.
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