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Thread: Mail() help please

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    Mail() help please

    I've got two questions, if anyone can help that'd be awesome.
    I'm just starting to learn this language(it's coming quickly because I learned a great deal of C/C++ in university).

    I'm looking for some kind of developing environment, something that will color the syntax and maybe check for errors, but color the sytax at the very least(writing in notepad is most annoying).

    Next, I've figured out most of the uses behind the mail() function, except how to format the message area...

    I've figured out that /n is a new line, but does anyone know where I can find the formatting commands for that? like aligning and changing the text size?

    Thanks in advance.

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    For editing I prefer Dreamweaver but if you are looking for a free alternative I was partial to phpDesigner.

    And here is a mail() tutorial that should help you out.

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    I use HTML-Kit as my editor, it includes syntax coloring for PHP and other popular scripting languages (as well as for HMTL). There are also some PHP plug-ins available for it you may or may not find useful.
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    if you were on a version of linux called linspire, i could help you out but i dont think they have it for other versions.
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    for windows i use notepad++
    for linux i use kate or scite

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