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Thread: Help with FORMS

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    Angry Help with FORMS

    Why is it that I have a pop-up alert telling me that I'm sending the form using e-mail and that it may reveal your email address? etc. etc. and that I can continue or cancell.

    Then, I get an outlook alert. It says that a program is attempting to send a message on my hehalf. I have to agree to it to proceed to send the info.

    QUESTION: This is my form. How do I by-pass those alerts by just clicking submit?

    I'm using a post action to an email address and a js file to validate the form and redirect the user to a page if the form is filled correctly.

    Can this be done without using asp or some other thing?

    You can see what i mean at


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    If you are using the mailto:whatever@site.com there is no way to get rid of those things. They are for security.

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    Yeah, im getting the same problem. I've never needed to use a form until now, so im very new to it, and it seems silly to spend weeks learning about all this just to be able to write the script to process one simple form.
    You all seem smart, so i'll ask you. Is there ANY way to get round that problem? (i dont necessarily need to use mailto: ) if someone could help me out that'd be great


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    I know that if you got a Geocities account (free), there will be a CGI-program that mail's automatic to your e-mail-acount. Maybe you could use that?

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