Hey everyone,

I know this probably isn't the best place to ask, seeing as though it has nothing to do with web development, but I know there are some very smart people here who might be able to point me in the right direction.

What I'm looking for is an open source software that does the following.
  • I create a default image of a HDD that has all the programs and settings required
  • Client computers have a patitioned HDD, D: containing a copy of this image and C: having the image ghosted onto it
  • Each time the client machine boots, I would like it to check the modified date of the image on the server, if it is newer than the one on D: to grab it and replace it, then whilst booting remake the C: drive with this new image
  • if the image is the same on D: and on the server, then to just remake the C: with the current image

So basically every single time a client machine reboots, the HDD is set back at the original default configuration.

If there is also the ability to do all the controlling of the client machines, ie remote view, restart and shutdown client machines etc, that would be awesome aswell.

I think I might be asking a lot of just one program, but im sure that this type of program would exist out there .... somewhere .... I just dont know what to look for.

Thanks to any links and suggestions, cause if you know of a better way to acomplish something like this then please let me know too.

Much appreciated.