I have an block of html code in a directory called ssi, the module is called menu.ssi and contains the code for my navigation bar. My plan is to reference the code from every page on the site. Directory path looks like:


Now, the problem:
> index.shtml and anniversary.shtml have no problem accessing menu.ssi with the include: <!--#include virtual="ssi/menu.ssi" -->

> Trails.shtml does not expand the include, I have tried the following:

<!--#include virtual="ssi/menu.ssi" -->
<!--#include virtual="../ssi/menu.ssi" -->
<!--#include file="../ssi/menu.ssi" -->

If I move the page to the public_html directory and use the same include which I use in the other pages everything works fine. But, because to the size of the site I want to use a menu structure to better organize the site.

Does ssi no work in sub-directories, or am I coding things wrong?