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Thread: Links that reload only one style sheet rather than reloading the whole page???

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    Links that reload only one style sheet rather than reloading the whole page???

    Is there a way of using links in CSS so that they only load content into a certain style sheet rather than reloading the whole page? For example, I have two style sheets - a menu column on the LHS of the page and a content area on the RHS. Clicking on a link in the menu area brings up new content in the content area. The menu area remains the same regardless of what link is clicked or what content appears in the contenet area.
    The way I have it configured at the moment is that when one of these links is clicked, it reloads a whole new page, with both the menu area and the content area. Is there any way I can code it so that only one of the style sheets (the content area) is reloaded, and the menu area remains as is?


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    You might give this article a look:

    It describes how to use PHP to create a content management site - allowing you to make a template, and have only the content change.

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