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Thread: can't apply my image in an html page!

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    Exclamation can't apply my image in an html page!

    For some reason I can't insert my image in an HTML file. This is only my second time using html. I am using notepad, and I have ie. I put this tag in:

    <IMG SRC="my skateboard.gif">

    but when i saw the web page it came up as a box with a red x in it. I don't know what can be wrong with it, I am saving it as an html file (I put .htm at the end) and all other tags are working but not this. I am using the htmlgoodies.com primers for learning about html.


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    Is the image in the same directory as the html page? (If it's in a different directory, then the src attribute will need to point to that directory, either as a relative or absolute path.)

    If that's not the problem, you might want to try renaming the file so that there are no spaces in the name, as that might cause confusion (e.g.: "my_skateboard.gif"). (Don't forget to change the reference to it in the HTML, too.)
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    Amend the src to match the following if you deem it neccesary to have a space in your filename:
    <img src="my%20skateboard.gif">

    I also suggest you steer clear of html goodies, use http://www.w3schools.com instead.

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    I renamed it so there are no spaces in it, it didn't work. And NogDog, I don't really understand what your'e trying to say. I'm new to this So please help me I still need help

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    <img src="myskateboard.gif">
    your html file and your image needs to be in same folder
    your image name has to be myskateboard.gif
    try opening your image in browser manualy, just to make sure it's valid image!!!

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    thanks! one of my pictures works now but the other doesnt. it must just be a problem with my computer because i sent the html file to my friend and he said the images work fine with him. (i also sent him the image files)

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