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Thread: Writeonit.org Fake photo generator

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    Writeonit.org Fake photo generator

    Hi All,

    I'd like to know your impressions about one of my websites:

    Write On It

    It Allows you to create fake photos and a new version is coming up soon wich will allow you to create fake magazine covers using your photos.

    I find the idea quite original and have not found many site which allow a similarg thing except LetterJames which now charge a fee to generate a photo.

    Do you think that the Design is too childish ? I don't love it but I must admit that it's performing very well in its task with an average of more than 12 photo generated by each unique visitor

    Let me know your comments !

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    The design seems more geared toward teens, than a general audience. The thing that put me off, at the onset, was:
    The three exclamation points seemed a little much.

    Also, the site advertising (Miss WriteOnIt, PlayOnIt, etc.) is distracting. These seem like parts of the photo-making process, rather than external sites; especially since they occur under the Create a Fake Photo box, which doesn't look like a link. You might make it more obvious that the link is indeed a link, either with underlining, or with instructions underneath. My suggestion would be to ditch the other site ads, and provide instructions, examples, and a "best of" or "editor's picks" section.


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    Thanks kdla,

    Yeah the three !!! are way too much, I'll correct it immediatly. For the othe issue I agree with you about the confusing element but that's actually a marketing choice, Write On It has a very low CTR on banners and low earnings while play on it is way more remunerative.

    We'll redesign Write On It soon I think to make it more intuitive and we'll create category to add more picture to play with

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