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Thread: Vertical Nav Menu, HELP PLEASE!!

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    Vertical Nav Menu, HELP PLEASE!!

    I have a menu that works great in Firefox and Safari but not in IE6 for windows or 5.2.3 for Mac. Is there a fix that I might be missing or some more complex code that I might need to add to the html of the navmenu to solve this problem? I'm attaching both the css text and the html text. Please help before I go insane!

    Also, I've created an html link for this as well at www.ccboe.com/web/navmenu.htm

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    IE only supports pseudo classes such as ":hover" for A elements. To get this to work will require some JavaScript. Do a search on "suckerfish menu" or "suckerfish dropdown" to find probably the most popular implementation of this.
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    Thanks so much, this is exactly what I was looking for! You're a savior!

    To complicate matters a little more...can only the main menu text be replaced by rollover images?
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