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Thread: How to determine x,y of and Anchor

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    Question How to determine x,y of and Anchor

    Hi, I have to migrate a menu function cuurently working fine in NS 4.x to IE. What I am looking for is how to determine the x,y coordinate of an HTML anchor, I've combed JScript reverences to no avail. I use the following for NS:

    document.mylayer.visibility = "visible"
    // anchorName is is filled by backend
    // script builder...
    xname = "document.anchors."+anchorName+".x"
    yname = "document.anchors."+anchorName+".y"
    eval("x = " + xname)
    eval("y = " + yname)
    document.mylayer.moveTo(x+20, y-7)

    I'd appreciate any info on how to accomplish the same for IE...

    Thanks in advance and best regards,
    Jim W.

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    In the generation 6+ browsers
    object.offsetLeft and obj.offsetTop will give you the required info


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    Thanks Dave, Khalid Ali for responding. I had investigated the offsetLeft and offsetTop and wondered why 1 was always returned.

    Dave thanks for the link... the loop on the offset.parent to get the true offset worked.

    Dave, FYI, I inherited the initial code and just wrote the back-end script processor around it a few years ago. Now that I have to mess with it I will definately incorporate your suggestion...

    Best regards,
    Jim W

    Self proclaimed halffast web programmer...

    Sorry guys I would have responded sooner, for some reason I couldn't get through the FW until today...

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