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Thread: Shopping Cart / E-Commerce solution needed for ASP.NET

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    Shopping Cart / E-Commerce solution needed for ASP.NET

    Does anyone know of a good shopping cart (it doesn't have to be free) for ASP.NET.

    The following features would be nice:

    - Ability to print invoice when you make an order.
    - Ability for administrator to upload a photo for the product and have the system resize it automatically to create the thumbnail.

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    If your interested, contact us at www.ekina.net we have recently finished the developement of our e-commerce package.
    Scott Perham

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    check http://www.eodessa.com
    #1 - already implemented
    #2 - we can do it for you, check the rest, if you like it we wil add this feature with no charge
    We can host is for you, install it if you need
    Let us know if any question

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