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Thread: Please review music artist fan site

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    Please review music artist fan site

    Site URL: http://www.ddytalk.com/

    This is a fan web site for Dennis DeYoung, co-founder and former keyboardist for the rock group Styx. I have put a lot of work in some special features that may not be immediately recognized, so please allow me to explain some of them. The site is:
    • Valid XHTML and CSS (except for Invision Power Board Forum software)
    • <table> is only used for tables of information, not for formatting
    • Song lyric pages include cross-reference for each album the song is included on, with links to each album. Sample audio for different versions of the same song (studio vs. live) are from the same section of the song for comparison, with two exceptions due to special circumstances with those two songs.
    • One album (Hunchback of Notre Dame) is a musical with the complete story available to go with the lyrics. Each can be viewed seperately, or in a split screen style so users can follow the story in one frame and the song lyrics in another.
    • Included message board, photo gallery, file download section for fan interaction.

    I recently did a major revision on the site to improve many problems (and poor design) to achieve the current site version. I would appriciate any detailed constructive critism.
    Thank you for your time.

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    Not bad.

    The serif font seems to "age" it a bit. How about sans-serif? It's better for on-screen reading, anyway.

    It actually looks better on an 800x600 screen, rather than 1024x768. You might consider tightening up the gray content area box with a smaller width, so the line lengths aren't so long.

    Nice job -

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    Thanks KDLA.
    I used to have a serif font in use for the main text, but changed it when I did the redesign. I know it's a little plain, but the slightly smaller text size looked better in sans-serif. (I had been using a font size a little too big for the 800x600 people). Since I am targeting an older demographic (mid 30's-mid 50's) my choice was for the "clean" look that comes with a sans-serif font.
    I will take your comment about the screen size into consideration, and agree that the site does look better in 800x600 since there is not as much white space, especially on some of the lyrics pages.
    I appriciate your comments

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