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Thread: word documetn in html

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    Question word documetn in html

    I am using pure html and opening a word file in the browser.
    Whenever i click on the link to open a file it shows a dialog saying if i want to save the file or open it.
    Is it possible to supress the dialog and just open the file and viewing the contents in a frame.
    I want to open trhe file in browser window only.
    I can use javascript also but dont know how, if someone can please provide me with the appropriate code it would b gr8.

    Deepak Surana

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    • Web-browsers aren't made to read .doc files, that's why they can't.
    • You can't take control of a browsers interface, that's there for the client and not you.
    • .pdf files will open in browsers with apropriate plugins, and consitently, and search engines can read them: .pdf is just plain better.

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    I agree with the tree. You can convert the word docs to pdf and use those in lieu of your word docs. Here's a link to a server that converts them for free (up to 2 MB in size), and then emails you the pdf.

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    You could always save the Word documents as a Web Page, Filtered and increase accessibility while decreasing download time.
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