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Thread: [RESOLVED] Trouble getting "get" vars from URL

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Trouble getting "get" vars from URL

    Does anyone know what's the problem with this javascript code here:

    function a() {
    var origionalurl = window.location
    var arraywithurl = origionalurl[1].split("=")
    var finalurl = arraywithurl[1]
    window.location = finalurl

    I'm a begginer, so it's probably something very basic.

    What I'm trying to do is redirect someone to a URL in a variable called "loc" in the address bar. So, I get the starting URL (It would look something like "myURL?loc=another_URL") and split it into two parts ("myURL?loc" and "another_URL") and then tell the person a message and then redirect them to "another_URL". What's my problem?
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