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    Exclamation Webby Awards?!

    I keep reading about something called the Webby Awards in a bunch of different forums. Have any of you heard about this? I heard that if you submit your site and win, you gain ultimate exposure for your site. Sounds good to me, but I've never heard of it until just the other day. The site is http://www.webbyawards.com/main/. Let me know what you think. I'm looking for some real feedback before I go through with this. The deadline is Dec. 20th, so don't wait to give me your opinion abut this. I just might submit my site :-).

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    Just looking at one of their winners shows me that they don't look at the code behind the site, but just the design aspect of it. Even some of their winners weren't exactly impressive in that area either. I guess I would want to know what they mean by the "best."

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    Ok, after further looking into this, most of the winners are things like best news site, and the like. I looked at the best personal site as voted by the people. It's a JavaScript filled site that has no JavaScript workarounds. Ugh! The design isn't exactly jawdropping either. The Webby winner of the personal site was alright in design, but the code behind it was nothing to write home about. I think the only thing that made the site stand out was the cause for the site in the first place. So I guess if you have really good content then you might win.

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