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Thread: Copy html sorce code script?

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    Copy html sorce code script?

    What i need:
    A button that copys the source code of the current page minus the button code.

    How i would like it done:
    If at all possible i would like this done with php. I would like the script to copy the html source code of the page minus the copy button code and print out a validation response "HTML source has been copied to the clip board"

    Can this be done? were should i start?

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    PHP is a server side language, and you want the code copied from the client side. You may be able to do this using JavaScript, eg var code = document.getElementsByTagName("html")[0].innerHTML;

    Then remove the "button" stuff and copy to the clipboard -- if thats possible in JavaScript...? you might even requite activeX (IE only).

    Or, simply give instructions. Open view > view source. Right click and select all. Right click and copy. TaDa!!

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    The script here should help you accomplish what you are trying to do.

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