Hi all,

Newbie on Mambo here! There's a special section to my site where I would like to display a custom menu consisting of 3 items.

Ideally, the menu would be displayed like this:

<div id="other_links">
<a href="#" class="addtopborder">Newsletter</a>
<a href="#">Press</a>
<a href="#">Search</a>

However, I do want these links to come through via a Mambo menu. I can assign these 3 pages to a mambo menu (e.g. "otherlinks_menu") - the question is, how do I display them on my index.php page?

Should I do this by doing a SELECT on the database where menu = "otherlinks_menu" ? And then I can display the items that fall under it?

If so, what SQL should I use and how do I execute this SQL? e.g. is it something like:
$query = "SELECT * FROM #__menu WHERE menutype='otherlinks_menu' ORDER BY ordering";
$database->setQuery( $query );

And then I can use mysql fetcharray functions to retrieve the data?

Any advice would be appreciated!
Many thanks!