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Thread: Search Engine submissions-the nightmare!!!!

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    Search Engine submissions-the nightmare!!!!

    I have to say guys, submitting to these search engines is a hard thing. If you go there and do it in person, they wont money! then if you use some sample freeware, you wonder if they are really going through, especially if they want to charge you. How can it be going through. Says it might take 4-6 weeks, soo...... i have to wait that long to see if indeed they went through????? Man o man. I dont have tons of money to go around paying everyone to submit my site geeeeezzzzzzzz. I am trying to make a few dollars, not give it away! I'm so tired of the engine crap. Doesnt anyone post a URL without all the catches???????????

    I've submitted to over a 1000 sites but .... and even thought the software says success, i wonder....was it?



    what is a person to do to get a listing thats decent? I havent even found my site listed anywhere and i know my meta tags cant be bad, I've followed every guideline i have seen.


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    On altavista.com you can test to see if your link has been added by typing the line below into the search field:


    If it is listed it will be returned, if not it won't be. You can also check who is linking to you by running this line below:


    This returns all the pages from sites that are linking to you. It also gives you the total number of pages, in otherwords matches to your search. The advantage here is that some other search engines appear in the list, so you know then that you have been added to those as well. Also, don't think that by linking to yourself from your own site will help, search engines are well wise to that old trick.

    Lots of sites offer tools like this as well, but I can't vouch for their accuracy, I noticed inconsistencies with them, so I stopped using them. I'm sure there are many other ways to.

    Personally I totally avoid submission software (unless I'm submitting to ffa sites) for search engines. It's quite well documented that they often refuse to add sites to their listings if they are submitted in that manner. I also read that with free listings they only add those that can add some real value to their listings, but whether that is true or not I don't know. I do know that a lot of these search engines have human editors, that is another reason why free listings take longer, they are basically put to the back of the queue.

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