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    PHP and MySQL ...


    I have a simple question about PHP and SQL. I am interested in building or creating a website with a database and seem to be interested in MySQL. Both online and in bookstores, I have noticed titles with MySQL almost always have PHP associated with it. Why is that? I have written Perl code and got by and was wondering if I have to convert or switch to PHP. Is PHP more powerful than Perl, or is it just better suited for MySQL? Whats the scoop on it.


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    PHP is generally easier to learn than Perl, and it comes with lots of MySQL functions built in. That along with it's open source price tag make it very popular with web developers on a tight budget. But if you know Perl and are comfortable working with it, there's nothing in particular to be gained by changing to PHP. (If you're a very good Perl programmer, you may in fact be able to create faster scripts than you could with PHP, but there are a lot of variables concerned with that issue.)
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