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Thread: Text over image.

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    I wasn't really kidding about using ms paint to put words on a picture...I only suggested that because I really do use that most of the time. The only problem is that you can't edit them later or remove them. Yes and I wasn't being sarcastic about using a blog either. I just mixed that up...i forgot what the other thingies were called. >_<

    i have no way of knowing correct terminology for such things unless someone tells me because i learn everything by just taking stuff apart and playing with them on webpages and such.

    I thought it was called a blog...you have a picture and then you write stuff on the picture...@_@.....is it?
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    I'm new here...

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    blog: abreviation of web-log, a diary or record kept published on the world wide web. Often with interactive features such as the option to comment on spefic entries. Some blogs are by corporations (i.e. Google Blog) but most a kept by individuals (i.e. Jeffrey's Blog).

    The problem with using text for images isn't how convient it is for you, but your visitors (this applies to everything). Can they select the text they want? Can they enlarge it if they have difficulty reading small print? Can bots with no capacity for graphics understand it (think: search engines)? What about those using reading software because they can't see a screen at all? How long is it taking for those on dial up, or with slow computers, or both to get at the site?

    Most graphics software has the capacity to superimpose text over an image, but there is no specific name for the process or concept. It gets used quite often for decorative headers, but in this case the "plain text" is still there, just disguised by some clever CSS or such like.

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    Thanks, you're code worked.
    Now that I have text over the image, and made it a link, how do I add a hover color to it?

    Like when my mouse goes over it to click on it... The CSS for it is a:hover: #hex color, I was wondering what the HTML for it is.

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    which code did you use, (just curious)

    Tree correct me if i'm wrong, but I don't believe that there is an HTML code for hover, i believe the only ways to do this are JS(javascript) and css, and css is way easier than JS.

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    If you're making a link out of it, the CSS is painfully easy.
    <style type="text/css">
      color: blue;
      text-decoration: none;
      background: none;
      color: pink;
      background-color: grey;
    In theory the :hover pseudo-class should apply to any element but there's no points for guessing which browser doesn't support it for any tag but 'a'. In that case you would need to be switching classes with some javascript (which is icky).

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    you should make the image into background so the text over image c# can be achieved. anyone have some kind of tutorial for us. thanks in advane.

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    Try this
    Set background of the table as image and then enter the text.

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    Using CODE is alittle complicated.
    You should try to add text over image by using the annotation function of some professional image processing SDKs.
    The way of its processing will be much simpler and faster.
    I hope you success.

    Best regards,

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