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Thread: Links in CSS

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    Links in CSS

    on my site http://users.telenet.be/crashsite he
    is it possible to put my left + right colomn in CSS so i only have to edit it their when i need to add e new link ?
    or isnt that possible

    if it is : please help me
    Euhm. Jah i'm a HTML n00by so ?
    Everybody need to learn he ?

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    Well im not exactly sure what you mean by your qiestion.

    But you can either assign your links a css Class then style them all from the one css class / file.

    Or you can use a server side langauge and include the pages, which would be better.

    Also I would use both. To find out more see if youre server can support a server side such as PHP, ASP or ssi's

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    No, the content of those columns are well uh content. CSS is for how it looks, HTML is for what it is. As Sheldon says, SSI is the best way to do it.
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