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Thread: Personal homepage with login form using POST?

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    Personal homepage with login form using POST?

    I want to have it so a user logs in with a username and password, and then they are taken to a page that fills with links based on their userType. And it will say Hello, [username here].

    I'm kinda new at this. I've done Master/Detail pages using url variables, but I can't figure out how to send a user's info from the login page through to the next page using the login form and POST.

    Any help or links to a tutorial would be great.

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    passing ASP values with post method

    To transfer information to another page using ASP is quite simple. Say the username field on the login page was named "username" then to carry the value onto the home page you would write:

    <%username = Request.Form("username")%>

    <h3>Hello <%=username%> !</h3>

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    how to tackle the links part??

    Thanks for the quick response.

    Is there anyway to then populate the Hello page with dynamic content based on the user's userType?

    Example: if a user is a student they get certain links on the page, if the user logging in is a teacher, they get those same links, but a few more that the student userType shouldn't see.

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    on the page in question you could do something like this

    Select Case userType
          Case "Student"
                 sSQL = "SELECT * FROM LINKS WHERE userType = 'Student'"
          Case "Teacher"
                 sSQL = "SELECT * FROM LINKS WHERE userType = Teacher"
          Case else
              Response.write "Unable to locate links. userType is not defined"
    End Select

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