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Thread: a dot com question

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    a dot com question

    Hey guys, tell me this. I have a page that i was thinking of using to sell a product. Would it be a big problem not having a dot com name? And ... does it hurt you for submitting your page to search engines if its not a dot com. I could use some real insight on this, maybe a couple opinions.

    thanks a bunch...

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    No it doesn't make much difference whether you have *.com, or otherwise the only reason I have *.com is to stop cyber-squatters; otherwise I would have chosen *.org since I am non-profit making and have no commercial interests regarding the Internet.

    However purchasing a domain name tends to be better than being hosted on a free-site with regards to getting listed on some search engines because they will trawl the domain rather than a directory of a major Corp, e.g. /members_name/ Lycos, Yahoo Geocities, etc.

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    Plus having a domain name instead of free hosting gives credibility.

    .com was generally considered to be 'commercial' companies but now everyone and their brother buys them - including mine

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