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    Alt Tag

    I want the alt tag to appear more quicly i.e. as soon as the user moves mouse over link. Is this possible???

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    Few clarifications first.
    alt is not a tag, its an attribute which is meant to provide alternate text for non-textual elements to serve as content when the element cannot be rendered normally. (see HTML 4.01 Spec for more information.
    The fact that IE displays it as a tooltip when user hovers over an image is incorrect behavior and should be exploited.
    If you want to provide advisory information use title attribute

    Most graphical browsers display the content of title attribute as a tooltip using OS functionality. You can not affect neither presentation nor behavior of these tooltips.

    You can, however, use javascript to replace the default tooltips with an absolutely positioned block element. My implementation of such script can be found here: www.klproductions.com/klToolTipsDemo.html

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    hi Vladdy...

    I was checking-out your tooltip mouseovers and it crashed my browser (Moz).

    To be sure, I tried it again.

    I only mention it so that you are aware of it.
    Maybe it's just Moz (1.4b)... which is really starting to tick me off lately (but i don't know... i didn't test on anything else)...

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    I usually stay away from nightly builds, but it works fine on my Moz 1.4...
    Was there any kind of error or anything

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