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Thread: Enabling/disabling buttons

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    Enabling/disabling buttons

    I've a "reply" button. And a sequence of messages arranged in a table.
    Now I want that reply button to be in disabled state till I select one of the messages.(just like in Outlook).

    I want to enable 'reply' onselecting a particular message.

    I've button like this
    <input type="button" value="reply" onclick="submitReply(this.form);">

    And the messages are placed in the following manner:
    <td width="32%" onClick="SHOWMESSAGE")>
    <%=MessageSubject%> </td>

    and thanx in advance

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    Place the disabled attribute in your reply button HTML to start with -- and, give your reply button a name attribute. Then:

    document.forms["myFormName"].elements["myButtonName"].disabled = false;

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