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Thread: Multimedia terminal

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    Multimedia terminal

    I'm going to be setting up a "terminal" in the school main hall that will act as a sort of tour guide to the school for visitors. It will play short movie clips, show images and the like and have text about the school. It will only run on the one dedicated machine, but it would be nice if people could update it remotely.

    I guess i was thinking that html might be a way forward - it's a familiar interface, and is nice and easy to program. How is it on auto playing movies and the like though? Might i be better off moving to flash to create that dedicated program feel, or is there another program entirely that might be more suitable for the job.

    Many thanks, as ever, for your assistance and advice in advance.

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    It's good at accommodating multimedia, I presume you are using an intranet hence you probably know which plugins are available.

    Thus you don't really have the issue of propriety HTML as long as it's relevant to that machine configuration. Although you'd have to lock the workstation down security-wise if you ran the presentation via a browser.

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    I have quite a bit of html programming experience, but i've never tried putting movies and the like into a page since my connections so slow that there's never been much point. Where would be a good place to start to find out about including that sort of thing - especially things like auto playing movies when you go to a page?

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