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Thread: Map Co-Ordinates

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    Map Co-Ordinates

    I recently posted a thread asking how i could claculate the distance between two places using map co-ordinates and i recieved this very helpful answer.

    You can use this line (your code will need to calculate $distance_across and $distance_up):
    $distance = sqrt($distance_across*$distance_across + $distance_up*$distance_up);

    my only problem now is how to calculate $distance_across and $distance_up what data do i use and how do i use it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


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    It depends on the format your map co-ordinates are in. If they are just simple numbers, you can use:

    $distance_across = abs($x1 - $x2);
    $distance_up = abs($y1 - $y2);

    This requires you to have the two co-ordinates as pairs of numbers ($x1, $y1 and $x2, $y2). If your map data is in a different format (e.g. letters) you will need to convert it first.

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    Thanks guys you have been really helpful

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