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    Red face Artists Website

    Hi All
    I'd appreciate some constructive criticism, they say a good Artist needs a critique anyway, so maybe I could get the benefit of a double whammy? This is my first proper website, bar some blogs.
    I am aware my photography has scope to improve, and some links aren't set proper.
    I rely heavily on a friend at this stage, I got committed to FTP that I might not have needed if i hadn't started in a sub domain...Terrapin FTP is a headache I've yet to master, once done I can press forth much better.
    I paint mostly for the love of it, so while I do sell some paintings, the original object was to become known, that's slowly changing on the back of encouragement.
    Your thoughts on www.seawitchartist.com

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    i like your art, however i find the site far too bland to do it any justice, and your font that you have chosen for the site is far to difficult to read with any ease.

    on the on a chosen page, is there a reason all the pages open in a new window?

    i think doing some work on a simple layout with clean graphics would really help present your site to a perspective audience.

    you may want to look here to get a good idea of what you want, and continue from there.

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    Hi -

    FYI - I keep getting a "page not found" error when I visit your link.


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    Please, don't use Papyrus for body text, but something more legible and neutral, like Verdana, which was designed for the web in the first place. Also use any font you pick consistently—some texts on the website are randomly in Times italic (or something similar). You can also use Times New Roman for the whole website, if want to use a serif font, but Georgia is even better alternative.

    It's not good policy to open new windows without reason. Rather, have all your links open normally in the current window.

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