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Thread: generate PDFs

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    generate PDFs

    Hi, Im trying to generate PDFs with PHP on the fly using the pdf_new() function, right now Im getting this error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function pdf_new() in

    As far as I understand a PDF external module must be installed, but since Im running php on a windows platform I tought a pre-built PDF library was bundled with the distribution,(I have the php_pdf.dll file in my ext folder) and all I had to do to activate it, was to uncomment this line: extension=php_pdf.dll on the php.ini file and reinitiate apache.

    So I did all that, and still getting the same Fatal error. Could someone tell me what could be the problem? tks

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    i have a shortcut for u,

    why don't u install WAMP server, it bundles and does everything for you(mysql,apache,phpmyadmin,php) latest version of all, even you can install new module actice and deactivate, why not makes the work easier and faster..


    if you don't want to use that then just try to retart apache after updating your extension list.


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    I'm actually already running it on WAMP5..

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    You may want to look at this
    http://fpdf.org its a very good open source PDF lib, I have recently comleted a big project using it.

    There is alot on online help as well

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