Does anyone know about Compositing images together. I'm not talking about creating layers. James Cameron was talking about how he uses compositing shots to fooling the audience. I was thinking the only way I'd pull off creating an image in photoshop is if I know about compositing... I was hoping someone would know what I'm talking about. I'm new to the idea of compositing. I think that only seasoned professionals know what I'm talking about... how to execute the proceedure in Adobe Photoshop, atleast. John Knoll co-creator of Adobe Photoshop is also works at ILM and it was Photoshop that was first used on the film Abyss.

Anyone that knows about compositing has to know about perspective, aerial perspective, this, that, and the other.

I'm still a beginner at Photoshop. Real nervous about using it, since there aren't really any good tutorials.

Thanks for the help!!!